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What Happen to the Heights?

These pictures depicts the hole which the Heights has fall into over the last 5 years or so. But we as citizens are sure that this city council did not let this happen “or did they” the appearances of these locations are at 2304/2308 McIllwraith St. And there is many, many, many more through out the Heights, there has been many attempts to address the problems. Namely issuing citations for citizens to clean up their properties, this in fact was an fruitless attempt, one cannot enforce some and not others.

The council needs to step and task their city manager to come-up with an aggressive (lets clean house plan). But it appears that they cannot do that because the Mayor will not support them, yet still he allows his city manager to live in a classy apartment in Norton Shores. Were she is not burden with blight, shooting, abandon buildings, and other Urban problems, which she may have help to create, someone needs to tell me were are we going are we just sitting by day after day for the tsunami to hit us. The Heights as a whole is crumbling just like the recent roof structure on the Strand Theater.

We need to do something and do it quite, before April 2015, (lost of 70% of water usage). Many of the council has related in part that they were going to be candidates for Heights Mayor next year, as one who votes, I do not want to hear promises, if you have promises please attach with a plan which will support your promises. The Heights cannot live any longer with ” i will get the streets fix” CITY COUNCIL STEP UP TO THE PLATE”

Mr. Jackie Darnell
Muskegon Heights20140723-214823-78503050.jpg


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