Muskegon Heights City Manager responds to Former Councilman’s Editorial



Mr. Darnell,
Please enlighten me on what worked for you and Council when you continued to vote on issues that caused the City to be dealing with such a deficit that it has not recovered from at this time. Please explain to me why you did not have concerns about having a plan for repair of streets when the City’s revenue was double what it is now. Please explain to me why the City is able to accept grants that require a match of funds from the City now and couldn’t during your time on Council because of not planning to have the funding available. Please explain to me how the City is doing nothing, and the City of Muskegon Heights is the only predominately African American city that has not gone into receivership in Michigan. It saddens me that you perpetuate the “tear down” mentality, instead of offering volunteerism and support in a manner in which you are not attempting to “tear down”. I am specifically excluding you volunteering to FOIA information and utilize avoidance tactics not to pay the bill to obtain such information. As a person that is not from the City of Muskegon Heights, I see the progress firsthand. I will address your concerns, as I always have, however I will not accept any personal attacks on myself and the City, as well as my commitment to my job as the City Manager.
Ms. Henderson
Natasha L. Henderson, City Manager
City of Muskegon Heights, Michigan
2724 Peck Street
Muskegon Heights, MI 49444
Phone: (231) 733-8870
Fax: (231) 733-8879

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