West Michigan Community Help Network/ WUVS-lp Open Meeting Policy

West Michigan Community Help Network/ WUVS 103.7 the Beat:  Open Meeting Policy

All meetings of the West Michigan Community Help Network (WMCHN) Board of Directors (the “Board”) and its Committees are open to the meeting if they meet the following standards as defined by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB):

  • a quorum, for the purpose of taking action, is in attendance
  • deliberations take place
  • the deliberations will determine or result in the joint conduct or disposition to the business of the particular body, but only to the extent that such deliberations relate to public broadcasting

All open meetings of the WMCHN Boards and its Committees will be posted at least seven days prior to the scheduled meetings on www.1037thebeat.com

The last West Michigan Community Help Network General Board was held Monday, December 18, 2023 at 3 pm at the Mayes & Wright Media Center Located at 1877 Peck Street, Muskegon, Mi. 49441

Current General Board Members:

Chairman: Pastor Robert Lee Billings II

Vice Chairman: Gregory T. Roberts

Secretary: Mia Clark-Grissom

Trustee: Cedric Jenkins

Trustee: Louis Churchell

Everyone attending must wear a mask inside.

The Community Advisory Board will meet at 2 pm prior to the General Board Meeting.

Current Community Advisory Board Members:

Karen Buie Jenkins

Robert Roundtree II

William Muhammad

Information as to public attendance at Board meetings is also posted on www.1037thebeat.com. On at least three consecutive days each calendar quarter WMCHN will make on-air announcements (on radio) explaining its open meeting policy and directing listeners to WUVS’s Website for more specific information.

Radio Station Senior Management:

President/General Manager – Paul Allen Billings

Email: pa@1037thebeat.com

Assistant General Manager – Robert Roundtree I

 Email: BigRob1037thebeat@gmail.com

Program Director – Mehean Jones-Quinn

Email: DJQ891037thebeat@gmail.com

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