Kids Free Trip to Africa Program

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence: An Unforgettable Journey for Honor Roll Students

At our radio stations—#1037thebeat, #thewire985, and M106FM—we believe in recognizing and rewarding academic excellence. That’s why we are thrilled to sponsor an incredible opportunity for honor roll high school students from Muskegon Heights, Michigan, and Orlando, Florida, to embark on a life-changing journey to Ghana, West Africa.

We are thrilled to announce that Ma’Kayla White, Ma’Quel White, Ca’Mya Jackson, and Naeonna Agnew from Muskegon Heights High School have been selected for our transformative trip to Ghana! This opportunity celebrates their exceptional achievements in the Black Month Essay Contest, rewarding them with an inspiring journey to explore and connect with their heritage.

For the first time ever, our program is also extending this incredible experience to Jamee Towers, Jakari Bolden, and Jai’Londyn Grant, thanks to the generous sponsorships from their families. This inclusion marks a significant step forward in our mission, opening new doors for how we connect young minds to their cultural roots and the broader global community.

Founded in 2017 by Paul Allen Billings of the West Michigan Community Help Network, the Kids Free Trip to Africa (KFTTA) program facilitates educational trips to Ghana, funded entirely by public donations. Participants engage in enriching activities, including traditional African ceremonies, and visits to significant historical sites such as the Elmina Slave Castle and the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in Accra.

To date, over 35 young individuals have explored Ghana, thanks to your support, making these life-altering experiences possible.

Our Commitment to Education and Cultural Exchange

We are passionate about the power of education and the profound impact of cultural exchange. This unique program is designed to honor outstanding students who have excelled academically and to provide them with enriching experiences that broaden their horizons.

An All-Expenses-Paid Trip

Thanks to the generous support of our community and the tireless efforts of our radio stations, this trip to Ghana comes at no cost to the students or their families. Our sponsorship covers all travel expenses, accommodations, and activities, ensuring that these deserving young individuals can fully immerse themselves in this extraordinary adventure.

Community Support and Donations

We extend heartfelt gratitude to all our listeners and community members whose donations have made this program possible. Your contributions play a crucial role in empowering the next generation and in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

A Journey of Discovery

While in Ghana, the students will have the opportunity to explore historical landmarks, engage with local communities, and experience the vibrant culture and traditions of West Africa. This journey will not only enhance their global perspective but also inspire them to continue striving for excellence in all their endeavors.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Stay tuned to #1037thebeat, #thewire985, and M106FM for updates and stories from our students in Ghana. Together, we are making a difference by investing in education and facilitating cultural exchanges that truly change lives.

For more information about how you can support this program or get involved, please visit our website or contact our team directly. Thank you for being a part of this transformative initiative!