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Mission Statement
To educate the urban community about issues that affect  their well being and utilize all available resources to the best of our ability.

West Michigan Community Help Network, is a public safety nonprofit, will operate a public safety station in

support of the city of Muskegon & Muskegon Heights, Michigan Emergency Response Plan and the local Hazard Mitigation Plan. The purpose of these plans are to respond to any and all emergencies that could affect the health, safety and property of the public within the city limits.

West Michigan Community Help Network supports the Muskegon Emergency Management organization and provide vital emergency broadcasts during severe weather occurrences, community emergencies and other potential/real man-made or natural disasters.

The emergency plans, which are supported by the station, cover emergencies such as natural hazards including earthquakes, tornadoes, fire (urban and wildland), storms, floods, ice storms,

landslides, human and animal disease epidemics, drought, sink holes and mine subsidence.

Accidental disasters including accidents, explosions, equipment and dam failures, hazardous

materials and biological hazard incidents, household chemical emergencies, industrial

emergencies, transportation disasters including airline, truck and rail. Disruptions in Services – Water, sewer, communications, travel, etc.

Civil Disturbances and Terrorism including rioting and looting. Also assassinations,

bombings, cyber attacks, hijackings, kidnappings, threats of terrorism and the use of chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological weapons, weapons of mass destruction and mass casualties

The Applicant provides 24 hours daily of locally originated programming

features emergency information and resources as provided by city emergency response

personnel including local police and fire departments. WMCHN will also broadcast programming

relative to zoning, land use and design proposals within a broader community vision for physical

development that will allow the Greater Muskegon community to grow and prosper, promote economic

development and viable job development while preserving the quality of life that makes it a desirable place to work and live while protecting and enhancing existing neighborhoods,

downtown, and the rural cultural landscape. A new LPFM radio station will allow WMCHN

to expand its reach and broaden its educational efforts in meaningful ways that will provide

relevant, timely and credible local information to underserved Muskegon listeners.

WMCHN has also developed collaborative relationships with Muskegon Public Schools,

Muskegon Heights Public School, Muskegon Community College, West Michigan Therapy, Muskegon County Sheriff Department, Muskegon County Prosecutors Office, Muskegon County Probate Court, Muskegon County Community Corrections Board, Trinity Housing Inc., Muskegon Heights Fire Department, Muskegon Fire Department, Muskegon Police Department, Muskegon Heights Police Department,

Muskegon Neighborhood Associations, Local Artists, Musicians, Historians, Writers,

and Non-Profit organizations to develop educational programming, including instructional, that will improve the quality of life for the Muskegon listening audience.

The West Michigan Community Help Network (WMCHN) was established in June of 2000. We are an innovative non-profit organization that bridges the community together and offer a variety of programs that serve community members of every age and background. The WMCHN is committed to our community and programs such as Feed the Needy Program, Job Fairs, Peace Jam Festival, Health Fairs, and several other programs.

Vice President Gregory T. Roberts speaking at the dedication.
Vice President Gregory T. Roberts speaking at the dedication.

On November 15, 2001 the WMCHN was given the green light to operate a new urban, educational station for the Muskegon area. The station goals are to educate the community about issues that affect them while opening dialogue between the community and businesses. WUVS started testing its’ signal on February 21, 2002. Becoming an outlet to the public, giving them a voice to speak out, and distributing communication is something we strive to provide for the members of the community.

According to the Arbitron Ratings, we reach 14,100 people in the Muskegon, Muskegon Heights & Norton Shores communities. We reach more African American homes than any other media outlet in Muskegon, Michigan.

On August 2, 2010 we dedicated our new building to Rev. Aaron & Bernice Mayes and the Late William Paul Wright.

Board Member Bernice Mayes speaking at the dedication.
Board Member Bernice Mayes speaking at the dedication.

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Contact us at:

Mayes  & Wright Media Center

WUVS-lp 103.7 The Beat

1877 Peck Street

Muskegon, Mi. 49441

Phone (231) 727-5007;  Fax (231) 725-0027

Feed the Needy ProgramWe serve hundreds of people with this program. In order to serve an adequate amount of people, it takes several tons of food. It is our idea not to just feed people, but provide them with healthy, nutritious food.
The Million Penny March began July 17, 2002. This annual fundraiser continues each year until we reach our goal. Our main objective is to feed the needy. We plan to provide families with food and the basic necessities. We are committed to giving.
Student Mentor Program – This is designed to educate students by allowing them to sit in with an on-air personality and learn about radio, equipment, and other aspects of radio. We will help students build skills in broadcasting, communications, leadership, and life skills .
Peace Jam FestivalThis family event celebrates unity and the community coming together and participating in activities. Held at Mona Lake Park, the activities include: a health fair, food giveaways, games, prizes, talent showcases, and celebrity performances. This event has successfully ran for the past six years.
Anti-Blight ProgramEvery week staff members and volunteers visit different houses in the neighborhood. We cut and mow lawns. We also trim the hedges; rack leaves, and shovels the driveways of senior citizens and physically incapable people in the community.
The Yes ChoirThe Yes Choir stands for (Young, Excited & Saved). Its our community choir that consist of young kids from various churches & schools. The purpose is to promote a healthy life style by the life. They meet once a week and sing at different community events
Holiday HelpDuring the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays we try our best to help families in the community. Whether it’s turkey giveaways or toys we make it a point to help as many members of the community as possible.
Thurgood Job Fairprovide opportunities for people to get jobs, internships, and information on companies.
Health Fairs – this consist of checking blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, amongst other things.

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