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The fight against blight in Muskegon Heights

By: Emily Guiles

There have been 61 houses torn down and counting in the fight against blight in Muskegon Heights.

The demolitions officially began in July of 2015, and is being led by Muskegon County Land Bank Director Tim Burgess.

Another 35 homes in the Northeast quarter of the city are being prepped for demolition by undergoing asbestos treatments.

In December 2014 the city was awarded 1.8 million in federal Hardest Hit grant to start the demolition project.

The amount of abandoned homes in Muskegon Heights has always been high, in 2012 130 homes in the Muskegon Heights area went unsold after a government tax auction.

By the end of the demolition project the city Land BAnk hopes to tear down an average of 200 Muskegon Heights Homes.

It is uncertain how these demolitions will effect the homeless population that sometimes use these houses in the cold winter months and year around.

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