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New Interim City Police Chief

By: Emily Guiles

On January 5th former police chief Lynne Gill retired officially. And on January 12th Joseph E Thomas Jr. was voted in as the new Interim Police Chief of Muskegon Heights. Mayor Sims stated that she hopes the search for a permanent police chief will take no longer than 3-4 months.

Thomas stated that he is excited to help Muskegon Heights to gain back a good reputation through the police department.

Thomas is being considered for the role along with George Smith Jr., and Amy Gerard. Thomas has previously served as the police chief of Southfield Mich. for 20 years.

Councilman Eddie Jenkins is the only council member to vote against Thomas’ installment as chief because Jenkins wants to hire a permanent police chief as fast as possible.

Former Police Chief Lynne Gill served 25 years on the force, 20 years as a patrol officer and 5 years as Chief.

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