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Muskegon County Not Planning To Raise Taxes In 2013 Budget

The budget counts a full reception of EVIP dollars, which the state offers as an incentive to municipalities who comply with three specific conditions: transparency, submitting a consolidation collaboration plan, and compliance with Public Act 152, which deals with health insurance.

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Muskegon’s School Board Passes Budget, Discussion Shifts To Keeping Enrollment Up

Over 125 people were present at Tuesday night’s meeting as the school board passed a budget with deep cuts across the board. When questions of possible enrollment drops were raised by the public, board treasurer Billie Bruce urged those who organized the large attendance to go door-to-door to keep students in Muskegon: “I’ll go with you.”

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Working Towards Next Year’s Budget, Muskegon Heights Public Schools Deliberates Tough Choices

Bryant described the conflicting requirements placed on the district: cut the positions and comply with the deficit reduction plan required by the state, or fill the positions to comply with state requirements concerning special ed staffing.

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