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No City Council meetings in the City of Muskegon Heights for 3 weeks. No items to discuss.


City of Muskegon Heights

This tax paying citizen of Muskegon Heights, is questioning why? is the city council not having their monthly meeting which is designed to address the needs of the city. Also to insure that tax payers dollars are used properly for the benefit of its citizens. The last meeting held was February 24, 2014 which was a very controversial meeting with a considerable amount of comments from the attending audience. There has not been any other scheduled meeting since then.

It has been learned that there will not be any meeting until March 17, 2014, reason is according to statements made, the city manager positions is, that there is no agenda items that would warrant having a meetings. That statement is redundant, with all the many factors that the Heights is facing and dealing with, and there is no room for planning ? The council I thought drove this city, but it appears that is not the case. Why not have meeting, to try and plan for the betterment of the city through improvement in; services, jobs, grocery stores, abandoned homes, crime, burned out buildings, revitalized downtown district, image, employees morale and how to have a cohesive governing body.

By this governing body not enforcing the requirements of having monthly meeting gives all indications that the city council has totally given up on the city and willing let it fall in the pits slowly.

Thank You,

Mr. Jackie Darnell
Muskegon Heights

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