Happenings in the City of Muskegon & The Muskegon Housing Commission

Date:  March 11, 2014 Contact:          City Clerk’s Office 231-724-6705


Happenings in the City of Muskegon


City Employee Earns High Level IT Certification

Jason Boes, Network Administrator, recently became a VMware Certified Professional (VCP5-DCV).  It’s a difficult certification to achieve and rare within Government IT operations.  This knowledge and certification saves the City a considerable amount of money because the City does not need to rely on expensive outside support.  Congratulations Jason!


West Michigan Trails & Greenways

West Michigan Trails & Greenways Coalition is committed to developing a non-motorized, linked-trail system that serves community-to-community while preserving and protecting habitats and natural areas and providing alternative transportation options so citizens may enjoy the many parks, historic landmarks, and cultural sites that Michigan has to offer.  The City wishes to thank them for their generous financial contribution of $50,000 for the connector project linking the Musketawa trail to the Laketon Trail in the City of Muskegon.


Muskegon Housing Commission

The City of Muskegon staff have been working with the Muskegon Housing Commission and we are very pleased to report some positive changes!  Some highlights include:


*         The Muskegon Housing Commission was able to hire an in-house Finance Manager for the first time since its inception.

*          The Muskegon Housing Commission received a release on a 3-month funding freeze in February 2014.

*         A renewed relationship has been established between the Detroit HUD Field Office and the Muskegon Housing Commission which has for the last year and a half been dwindling due to lapses in communication.

*        A sense of renewing has been established with the Hartford Terrace Resident Council which allows for improved Management and Resident relations.  This improvement was due impart to empowering the resident council to think outside the box and motivate the Board Members to actively engage in building a positive Hartford Terrace image.

*        Through the outstanding efforts of our new City Manager Frank Peterson, the City’s relationship with the Muskegon Housing Commission has been improved upon and continues to grow.

*         Modern improvements to office systems has provided staff with improved efficiency levels of operations.

*        An active City Commissioner Liaison in the person of Willie German.


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