Imara Student Mentorship Program

Imari Entertainment Student Mentor Program

Congratulation to This Years Graduates from our Mentorship Program.

De’Asha Watson – Muskegon High School

Ra’Male Roundtree – Muskegon High School

Jacob Hock – Muskegon High School

Danzell James – Muskegon Heights High School

All of them are going to secondary education!

The Imara Entertainment Student Mentorship Program is designed to educate students in various forms. The mentoring program allows students to sit in with an on-air personality and learn about radio, technical aspects, and other aspects of radio and broadcast.  We feel that education is very important to succeed in life and in this particular field (any field) it is important to have a contingency plan.

Our mentor program will help students build skills in broadcasting, communications, leadership, public speaking, production, while instilling more responsibility and discipline.  Students will get the chance to use their creativity and work with our organization in other projects and events. We want the students to get involved in the community because we are a community giving station and plan to contribute to building the community.  

(Youth in Our program have unlimited access to the Imara Entertainment studio)

We provide the CDs and they keep the funds!

(Nicholas Chibanda of Zimbabwe speaks to some of the kids in our program)

(Mentorship Program Movie Lock-in at the Cinema Carousel)

Find out about getting your kid in our program by calling 231-727-5007

Thanks to the Gerber Foundation, Alcoa & Pepsi  for their great sponsorship!

If you would like to donate to our Mentorship Program you can also call us or donate thru paypal.

Your donation is fully tax deductible!

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