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Former Big Reds Football Staff says “Black Males Don’t get the opportunity” at Muskegon.

We got a chance to catch up Mr. Antonio Shuhuba-Baruti, former Muskegon Big Reds assistant coach. Mr. Baruti who was also President for Muskegon Heights School Board, was very popular among the staff, students and parents for his passion with the youth.

Mr. Baruti who is also a Muskegon Heights graduate mentored young African American kids during his tenure here in Muskegon.

Sparky McEwen
Sparky McEwen

We got the chance to get his opinion on Coach Sparky McEwen being past over for a coaching job here 2 years ago and Muskegon’s lastest decision to hire Shane Fairfield as their new Head Coach. The controversy surrounding the hiring of Shane Fairfield stems from the fact that the highly qualified  Sparky McEwen who is African American was denied the chance to coach the Big Reds because he didn’t have a bachelor degree.  Muskegon Public Schools changed that requirement to accommodate their desire to hire Shane Fairfield who is Caucasian.

One of the notable quotes from Mr. Baruti is his statement, “Minorities have no voice in the major decisions made

Shane Fairfield
Shane Fairfield

by Muskegon Public Schools”. A school district that is 70% African Americans & Hispanic.

Mr. Baruti also discussed his new job as a teacher at Zachery High School, located outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to to Mr. Baruti, Zachery High school is one of the Top schools in the state of Louisiana. Also the school has received record growth in the past 2 years.

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One thought on “Former Big Reds Football Staff says “Black Males Don’t get the opportunity” at Muskegon.

  • Fred T

    This is a shame that Muskegon is allowed to get away to stuff like this. They even fired one of the assistant coaches because a Boaster died from an accident at his party.
    No reason, just fired him, because the boasters wanted him gone.

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