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Watch Muskegon Heights Go

By: Emily Guiles


On the 13th of July the Muskegon Heights council meeting took place to address two orders of new business and hear some of the citizens present speak.

The first order of new business was discussing the eight thousand dollars needed to go towards new road signs and restriping the roads themselves. According to the council the roads have not been restriped since the early 2000’s, a motion to allot the eight thousand dollars in repairs was issued and carried through unanimously.

In other news the owners of the Shell Mart store that was and still is under ordinance was present to express his frustration that although he had submitted the forms to receive another waiver for the ordinance approximately a month ago, he still hasn’t gotten any information back from the city. Shell Mart, along with multiple other businesses were put under ordinance that mandates that they close at midnight. The ordinance was filed due to the disruptive activity that took place at these businesses after midnight. All the businesses tried to get a waiver against the ordinance but only Shell Mart was rejected, because they did not offer another solution to the problem. Shell Mart will be given another waiver and hearing at an unspecified time and date.

The Watch Muskegon campaign is in full swing and the city of Muskegon Heights has received a demolition grant for Broadway street. Council members are supportive of rebuilding Muskegon Heights and said that citizens can expect to continue to see buildings go down.


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