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Our conversation with Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Today we had the honor of speaking with the youngest elected Mayor in the history of Detroit.

Someone who was responsible for the SuperBowl, Grand Prix, NCAA Final Four & MLB All-Star games in Detroit.

Under his leadership Detroit repaired more streets than any other sitting Mayor.

Under his leadership crime dropped 22% when compared to 1999. The FBI report says A 2006 study showed crime in downtown Detroit (CBD) was much lower than national, state and metro averages.

7 hotels were built under his tenure even though it had been 20 years since the last hotel erected in Detroit.

Under his leadership, the city of Detroit was becoming a beacon of Light for the State of Michigan.

As we celebrate Black History Month, you won’t find the positive impact Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had on Detroit in the Detroit News or the Detroit Free Press. Thats our role in the Black Media, to tell our story from our perspective.

For the first time in 2 years Kwame Kilpatrick granted a radio interview. We were honored and impressed with his humility, intellect and social conscious awareness.

Please enjoyed!

Here are some Powerpoints from this interview:

1. Differences between Dallas & Detroit

2. What doesn’t the world know about Kwame Kilpatrick

3. African Americans who had influences on him.

4. His relationship with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

5. “Job creations happens in neighborhoods not in Washington D.C.”

6. “If the world was listening what would you want to say to them”

Kwame Kilpatrick
Kwame Kilpatrick

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