WIC Program Pilots Fitness Program for Kids

WIC Program Pilots Fitness Program for Kids

Muskegon, MI – 

“People tend to participate in things they enjoy and have found themselves to be successful at. While learning how to correctly perform basic skills such as running and jumping, the FIT WIC program is working to teach children at a young age to associate physical activity with having fun,” explains Jenna Blamer, WIC Program Supervisor at Public Health – Muskegon County. “The early ability to perform these basic skills creates the building blocks necessary to successfully perform more complex skills such as a jump shot or dribbling a soccer ball in the future.”

While the kids are engaged in learning new skills and games, the parents join the WIC nutrition staff in the kitchen to learn healthy ways to cook some of their child’s favorite meals and easy and nutritious snack ideas. Daycare is available at no cost if the family has other children who are too old or young to participate in the activity sessions.

“This program has been amazing. I’ve learned so many new meal and snack ideas,” explains FIT WIC participant Denise LaBrenz. “My kids have enjoyed the fitness program and fun activities as well.”

The pilot is currently underway with 15 families participating. After ending later this month, the WIC program will evaluate its effectiveness and determine if there is interest in expanding the program.

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