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Thurgood Marshall Annual Job and Health Fair

By Emily Guiles


On Tuesday April 28, 2015 WUVS 103.7 the Beat presented the 2015 annual Thurgood Marshall job and health fair, with premier sponsor Forge industrial staffing.

Forge industrial staffing works in the Muskegon and Grand Haven, Holland areas and works with mostly industrial and automotive industries. Forge runs three shifts and applicants only have to be 18 years or older with two forms of ID.

Among the many businesses in attendance Muskegon Department of Corrections and Life Circles stood out because this was their first year attending the job fair.

Muskegon Department of Corrections associate Vernella Shackleford was quite pleased with the turn out that her department received. Approximately 35 participants had shown interest, and the easy accessibility to internet made it very easy for applicants to also apply online. Shackleford expressed that Muskegon Department of Corrections would be hiring more corrections officers as they are always in need of them. Starting salary for a corrections officer is 16.32 dollars an hour, and to qualify for the position an applicant must be 18 years or older with a high school diploma or G.E.D. with 30 semester college credits.

Life Circle representative Amy Williams was also happy with the turn out. Since it was their first year at the job fair Williams was excited that they had gotten a few very good candidates and much more people interested in their company. Life Circles is specifically in need of CNAs, and home help aids. They are in need of these positions specifically because they are expanding and adding on 12,000 feet of space to their facilities.

Although some companies in this years job fair were new another company stood out because they have been present in the job fair every year. ADAC deals with the automotive industries, manufacturing and some plastic work. Representative Tamica Fox says that there has always been a steady flow at the job fair and she has always found good talent among the participants. Fox also reiterated that working at ADAC is a job that anyone can do.

A large benefit of the job fair is the easy access to computers to immediately submit online applications. Participants such as Brian Foster chose to take advantage of this benefit after talking to Muskegon Department of Corrections. Foster has participated in the job fair once before, and stated that the job fair is, “better than going place to place,”, which was a shared belief by most people who participated in the job fair. Vergena Hayes was also impressed with the turn out and stated that she thinks there should be more job fairs like this, and it helps people to realize that there are jobs out there if you look for them.

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