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The Murder of Laquan McDonald

By: Emily Guiles

In Chicago Illinois on Tuesday November 24th a video of the murder of 17 year old Laquan McDonald was released to the press, 13 months after his death.

The city opposed the release of the footage until a judge ordered its release under a reporter’s Freedom of Information Act request.

The video portrays McDonald walking away from police with a knife in hand when he was shot 16 times by officer Jason VanDyke. VanDyke was charged with 1st degree murder the week the video surfaced. It took 400 days for police and Prosecutor Alvarez t orelease the tape and convict VanDyke.

VanDyke’s stated that at the time of the shooting VanDyke feared for his life.

Following the videos release and VanDyke’s conviction there have been protests and demands for a federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department and Mayors Office.

On Black Friday, November 27th, protestors in Chicago’s luxury corridor disrupted shoppers and demanded the resignation of the cities top officials alledging a year long cover up of the crime.

The officials in question are; the Mayor, Prosecutor, and Police Commissioner.

The Black Friday protests were led by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and US Representative Bobby Rush.

There was also support from the City Council Black Caucus to seek a vote of no confidence against Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

McCarthy says that he has no plans to step down, and the Mayor supports him.


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