The breakdown of the New “Texting while driving law”

Michigan Vehicle Code 257.602b, effective July 1, 2010, bans the typing,
sending and reading of texts messages while driving.  Devices banned
include wireless 2-way communication devices, including cell phones in a
person's hand or lap while operating a motor vehicle, THAT IS MOVING, on a
highway or street.  GPS or navigation systems affixed to motor vehicles are

There are also exceptions for the public for the purposes of reporting
crashes, crimes and other emergencies.  Also, while in the course of their
official duties, law enforcement, fire fighters (paid and volunteer) and
operators of emergency vehicles are exempt.

Officers may not obtain a search warrant or investigative subpoena solely
for a violation of 257.602b because this violation is a civil infraction.
Officers may obtain consent to examine a 2-way communication device;
however, without consent, officers MAY NOT lawfully seize an individual's
device to examine the contents.

The link to the new law is here:

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