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Terrance Stewart and Activism in Muskegon Heights

By: Emily Guiles

Activism is alive and well in Muskegon Heights, and Terrance Stewart remarked that it was an honor just to be grouped in with such an outstanding bunch. Let alone win the Activism Beat Award.

Stewart didn’t expect to be nominated given the competition, so the win came as a complete surprise, and was made that much more special. He stated that, “when you’re doing community work your mind isn’t on that.”

Stewart was born and raised in Muskegon Heights, and feels a great deal of pride from it. The city of Muskegon Heights is one of the many things that motivates him. He was built on the never die, never quit attitude, and Stewart believes that Muskegon Heights encompasses this ideal perfectly.

His great grandparents had a large impact on Stewart’s life and are most of the reason why he does what he does now. His great grandparents would tell him stories about their struggles and the different struggles of African Americans over the years. They also taught him to stand for something more than just himself.

In a year or so Stewart still hopes to be doing the same work as the guy on the front line, making a difference in the community. Stewart believes it is important to be visible to the community and approachable in order to be effective.

Stewart believes that the Beat Awards are an important part of Muskegon Heights morale and also has helped him to make more connections in the field of activism and bring awareness to his cause.

Stewart had a message for the city, “Muskegon Heights, keep fighting, stay in the fight and I feel like God will bless us.”

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