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February 9th After Game Shooting

By: Emily Guiles

On Tuesday February 9th there was a shooting in the parking lot of a Muskegon Heights Academy after a basketball game against Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids, and the opposing school denies any involvement and said that all of their players were on their bus at 9:30 pm.

Police had heard that there may be a fight at the game after a previous altercation occurred so they staffed the parking lot and enlisted the help of two other police departments, and barred some individuals from entering.

The suspect in custody is Clarence McCaleb, 21 years old, he was arrested after he brandished his weapon at an officer and was shot. McCaleb was only injured by the shots and the officer has been cleared from any wrongdoing.

McCaleb allegedly drove into Muskegon Heights with two other men, both of whom are still missing and believed to be hiding in the Grand Rapids area.

The shooting injured four people, two of whom are current high school students. They have all recovered.

Interim Police chief Joseph Thomas stated that, “We want to send a very, very strong message to the people: This is how fast we can unite, folks. We’re not going to tolerate the things we’ve been dealing with before.”

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