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Muskegon Superintendent Claims State Keeps More Education Funding Under New Model

Superintendent Jon Felske claims funds are withheld by the State of Michigan when students switch districts. Referring to them as “transient students”, he noted these students might move mid-week and miss several days of school between leaving one district and starting at another.

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In Light of Consolidation, Muskegon Public Schools Administration Details Plans For 2012-2013 Teacher Hiring

During Tuesday’s board meeting, Savage made a correction on a May 1 memo regarding the rehiring process for sixth grade teachers. “Sixth grade teachers will not automatically displaced but will receive assignments based on their seniority and level of certification,” said assistant superintendent Betty Savage.

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Muskegon Board of Education Passes Consolidation Plan; Nims, Bluffton, McLaughlin To Close

“The ultimate goal is that we’re one district, from K-12, as Big Reds through whole time,” said district superintendent Jon Felske. “Please allow our children the opportunity to absorb everything we want to give to them… We have your children’s best interests at heart.”

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