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Six Muskegon area high school students will embark on a life -changing journey to the Motherland Africa

Because of your many contributions, six (6) Muskegon area high school students will embark on a life -changing journey to the Motherland Africa.

Five Honor Roll Students from Muskegon Heights and One Student from Orchard View are fortunate to have an All Expense Paid Trip to Ghana West Africa. The Group will leave on April 20, 2017 and return on April 27, 2017.
The kids will be touring the Slave Castles, USA Embassy, Accra Mall, Abeadze Kyeakor Village, WEB Dubois Museum, Kwame Nkrumah Museum and so much more thanks to you.

Thus far we’ve raised more than $5200 and it’s not too late for you to play a role (tax deductible ). No donation is too small and we along with the students are grateful for every penny.
We have made this trip totally free to the six students. Their Passports, Visas, Shots, Air Travel, Hotel, Ground Transportation & Food are all included.

The only thing we’ve asked of them in exchange is that they return to Muskegon and utilize what they’ve learned to help make Muskegon a better place.

The Following people have Donated to the trip.



Derrick Porter                                                                    Mr. Fikes                                          Bonnie Sims

Ms. Candy                                                                          John Bush                                          Kris Cooper

Kaja Thorton                                                                      Larry Gray                                         David Oakes

Darwin Smith                                                                      Honey Gray                                     Kevin Meeks

Adonnis Cooper in California                                           Dee Jolibette                                  Simone Norris

Mickey Wallace                                                                  Nate Washington                           Don Hutcherson

Pastor Chris Burns                                                             Teresa Thomas                                Kenny Gamble

Will Roberson Sr                                                                 Fran Hudgins                                   Cynthia Wallace

Angela Porter                                                                      Clifton Gause                                   Davion Walker

Stoney Fulgham                                                                   Suzanne Lang                                  Mama Dee

Tara Riley Burse                                                                   Tammy Welti                                   Cannary White

Frankie Williams                                                                  Sweet Sue                                         Eric l Reed

Beverly Hall                                                                           John Robinson                                 Wanda Sanders

Larry Marsh                                                                           Dennis Jackson                                Mary Larson

Birdell Frye                                                                            Carolyn Spears                              Charena  Levelston

Edward Caviness                                                                   Kay Jamison Gray                           Deontae Thomas

Jeanette Burt Moore                                                            Glen Gray                                         Brick House

Mary Wilson                                                                           Willie Brooks Jr                               Party Marv

Teresa Walton                                                                        Roy Gilmore                                    Kendra Day

Bigga Figga                                                                              Beverly Moore                                Lee D. Payne

Alvin Watson                                                                          Tony Bradford                                 Darlene Sherrod

James Mcbride                                                                        James Shaperd                                William Kitchen

Mrs. Jackson                                                                            Janice Walker                                 Stephanie King




Vernard Jones                                         Dwight & Linda Vines                                               Team Kawboi LLC

Tyquan Jones                                           Howard Ross                                                            Ooowee Baby

Sam Bettes                                               Unleashed Rydas                                                     Kevin Turner

Kerry Hoffman                                         Uptown Alice                                                     Katherine Burt- Watson

Hendricka Taylor                                      Anonymous                                                             Alvin Watson

Candy Jones                                              Willie Hoye                                                              Roy Gilmore

Willie Spruel                                              Anitra Hill                                                     Dorothy Gill-Jackson

Denise Sanders                                          Freda Bailey                                                          Deb Warren

Unleashed Ryda’s                                     Derrick Porter                           Eddie Hendricks (General Baptist  state

Brenda Billings                                          Dorothy Gill Jackson                 State Rep. Terry Sabo

Tom Hutcherson                                       Maryland Brown                         City Commissoner Deb Warren

Reshonda Jones                                         Malicah (Dreamers)                   Telko Adams

Kenny Jones                                                B.B                                                 Steve Jones

Dorothy Williams                                       Sonnie                                        Angelo Jackson

Dorothea Jackson                                      Teresa Porter                             Tracey French

Ann Turnipseed                                          Pierre Johnson                           Judge Gregory Pittman & Kay Pittman

Louis Alexander                                          Dr. Karen Cheatums & Perry  Cheatums

Robert Fletcher                                           Helema Williams                        Mickey Wallace

Stan Grissom                                               Darlene Sherrod                          Leslie Singleton

Brianna Scott Grissom                               John Thornton                           Robert Roundtree

King David Lodge#20                                 Carmen & Larry Porter

Andy O’Riley                                                George Gamble

You can donate online via PayPal 👇🏾
or in person /via mail at the Radio Station
1877 Peck Street, Muskegon, Mi. 49441

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