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Radio Interview: Jewish Rabbi Feldman defines Zionism and Judaism!


Radio Interview: Jewish Rabbi Feldman  defines Zionism, Judaism and defends Minister Farrakhan

Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Feldman

In this interview Jewish Rabbi Feldman talks about the conflict in Iran and Israel. He gives us a different perspective than the views communicated on Main Stream Media. Rabbi Feldman gives us a clear difference between Zionism and Traditional Jewish beliefs.

Rabbi Feldman was very critical of Zionist and its Propaganda to start a war.

Rabbi Feldman said “Judism is a religion, has nothing to do with politics or nationalism of oppressing other people. Its a religion of Peace & Mercy.

When asked about Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rabbi Feldman said “One of the people we met with more than once, we followed his writings and we followed the criticism against him. There is no doubt in our mind that he has nothing against Jews. he is not Anti-semitism what so ever.”

Rabbi Feldman said he is embarrassed with the criticism against Minister Louis Farrakhan for him speaking out against Zionism.

Radio Interview with Rabbi Feldman

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