3 thoughts on “NAACP/Muskegon President Responds to Prosecutor Tony Tague radio interview

  • A Concerned American

    Does it really surprise anyone in the Heights, or Muskegon County that Prosecutor Tony Tague has once again, slapped the Black community in the face? This man has a reputation for this. Take the blinders off folks he is not a friend. He is a Republican, not a Democrat. He only runs on the Democrat ticket to assure his job. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE…. And in my opinion it appears from his own actions, that he is a proud card carrying KKK in disguise. Falsifying a report means nothing to this man. He as no integrity or a moral compass. He is an expert at destroying young Black men. He delights in long sentencing, and his goal is to take as many down as he possibly can. That is his agenda plain and simple. Now keep in mind, this is the same man who falsified documents in the Scottie Waller case against Officer Pena in 1997. Scotty Waller was brutally beaten and kicked by several officers on the force, including now hold onto your seat, yes, Officer Charles Anderson! The same racist cop who just murdered an unarmed young Black male. This officer actually participated in the beating of Scottie Waller and now he has escalated his hatred to murder! He should be behind bars for his actions towards Julius Johnson. What is most irritating about the dynamics of Muskegon police department is the blatant racism and their joke of a prosecutor, Tony Tague. A man who pretends to “befriend” the Black community while at the same time he choking the life out of them. He supports corruption amongst his rank of White police officers. He can be found on any given day, riding around in unmarked cars looking for potential victims to harass and arrest along with his White cronies. This prosecutor has been involved in activities that were not a part of his job description since arriving in Muskegon County! He has abused his authority and taken advantage of the community. This man should have been arrested a long time ago for “Prosecutorial Misconduct” for his many unethical actions. I could go on and on… but thank God for Rev. Anderson, NAACP head. He is on to the tricks of this man. We all now know that the final report given by Tague is not credible and is falsified. Pertinent information was left out deliberately. And to add insult to injury, this heartless, KKK, in disguise Tony Tague, now seek to bring criminal charges against the sister of the victim! How outrageous and demonic! He is truly showing his real colors. This community should demand charges be brought against Tony Taque and the resignation of the Police Chief. The Police Chief is solely responsible for not hiring Black officers on the force. The officers patrolling the streets of Muskegon County should be reflective of its residents. Let us put the pressure on them to hire laid off officers from the Heights. We can do it! Picket them every day with signs bringing attention to this fact. Demand they hire more Black officers. Visit the city commissioner meetings and voice your concern. Make the Police Chief accountable. The power is with you my people! I am saddened by this horrible tragedy. Julius did not have to die in this manner. This could have been avoided. Ask yourselves the question of why does police brutality and killings seem to occur only by the Muskegon Police Department and not Heights? Therein people are the answers. Stand up and demand justice!!! God is on our side. These corrupt officers including Tague days are numbered. BELIEVE THAT! But we must take a stand and fight them in the best manner, by exposing them. After the independent investigation is complete, I pray the Johnson family will be compensated financially for their loss. An innocent young man who made a few bad choices in his life at a young age was murdered by a racist cop. That is the bottom line here. He did not deserve to be shot down by a trigger-happy, racist police officer. Regarding the bias reporting by the thugs at the Muskegon Chronicle, they are on their job doing what they do best. DISTORT THE FACTS….

  • I am appalled at the fact that the prosecutor left out pertinent information from the report. This is one of the main reasons why there is such a gap between the African American community and the police. It seems as though the prosecutor is more interested in swaying public opinion than he is at seeing that justice is served for the entire community. I will be following this investigation to see what the end result will be.

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