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Interview with Attorney Stephen Drew about possible Lawsuit against the City of Muskegon

Interview with Attorney Stephen Drew about the possibility of a  Lawsuit being filed against the City of Muskegon in regards to the killing of Julius Johnson.

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3 thoughts on “Interview with Attorney Stephen Drew about possible Lawsuit against the City of Muskegon

  • Kirlie Howard

    Perhaps Mr Drew is interested in getting his hands into deep pockets?
    Seems we only hear from him when there is the possibility of a big pay day. Where is he helping our community when there is no controversy?
    Let the dead boy atone for his mistakes with his maker.

    We should be preoccupied with healing relations within our communities, and not focusing on historic bigotries and inequalities. If we want a representative police force of the community, then we need to be prepared to spend the money to woo the very fine, but few minority candidates away from bigger and more attractive agencies.

    Stop the flight of our most qualified, educated, minority leaders of the future from this area. Time for unification, not division!

  • Attorney Drew seems to be very interested in seeking justice for the Johnson family. It’s sad that this young mans sister is being intimidated by the prosecutors office because her account of the incident is different from that of someone else. I agree with him in that the amount of police officers don’t reflect the amount of African American citizens; and a change needs to be made. I also agree that the Muskegon Chronicle did everything that they could to make this young man look like he was the scum of the earth. Past events shouldn’t have been a factor in this case

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