Newsflash-Van Vincent Gregory cleared as a suspect

In the wake of the recent abduction of a 9 year old girl, waiting at a bus stop, The Police apprehended a 33 year old Van Vincent Gregory on a parole violation.

It was then reported to 103.7 The Beat that he was a potential suspect. 103.7 The Beat than posted a blog on its website informing it viewers of the news.

In that Blog 103.7 The Beat applaudedĀ the efforts of law enforcement but indicated that if Van Vincent Gregory turns out not to be the perpetrator that 103.7 would acknowledge so to the public and its listeners faithful.

We are happy to report on the behalf of Van Vincent Gregory & Family that he has been cleared as a suspect.

In closing we need to continue our efforts to the fullest extend, to continue to provide leads to authority until we bring justice to this situation by apprehending this dangerous pedophile.

On behalf of 103.7 The Beat, let this newsflash serve as our sincere apology for any inconvenience or discomfort this situation may have caused to Van Vincent Gregory family.

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