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Muskegon Heights, Michigan, March 1, 2019:  The Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System has met 14 out of 14 goals established in its Partnership Agreement with the Michigan Department of Education, according to representatives of the Department and other community partners.

Dr. William Pearson, the State School Reform Officer, reported that “We are very pleased to see the MHPSAS is ‘on track’ after their 18 month review regarding their Partnership Agreement.”

Superintendent Rané Garcia said, “While the results of today’s review show great progress, we are not satisfied. We will continue our work relentlessly with our partners to improve the educational opportunities and outcomes for our children.”

The 18-month assessment that MHPSAS underwent  2/28/19, in front of a packed audience at the MATS Building, is a review of the progress of the goals that were set by MHPSAS and other stakeholders, with input from the Department, to create systems and processes that will foster learning.

“The systems and processes that MHPSAS set up will create the habits for continual student growth,” said Dr. Pat Reeves, Project Director for High Impact Leadership, a partner to MHPSAS.  “All expressions about the work we discussed today are grounded in student success.”

“Our next steps, now that we have the foundation in place, are to continue the progress we have made toward improving growth for our students, which should lead to increases in proficiency,” said Superintendent Garcia.  

MHPSAS Board President Garland Kilgore said, “We fully support Superintendent Garcia in all that she and her team have done to achieve this great result today.”

Kilgore added, “We are firm believers in a broad-based coalition of stakeholders supporting our children. We look forward to working with the Muskegon Heights School Board as we move forward. To that end, we have asked that they sign on to an amendment to the Partnership Agreement in a show of solidarity for our children and the community.”

The Department will work with MHPSAS to create an amended Partnership Agreement that will address the next phase in the district’s success: continuing improvement of student growth and, by extension, laying a groundwork for increased proficiency.

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