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Muskegon Heights School Board Maintains Current Membership and Re-elects Officers for 2011-2012 School Year

Andrew Trzaska | July 11, 2011

Two current Muskegon Heights School Board members who won re-election earlier this year were sworn in again at Monday’s special board meeting, and won re-election of their offices as well.

Board Vice president Ronald Jenkins and Treasurer Ivory Morris won re-election back on May 3, when three people ran for two seats on the board.

With today’s meeting being the start of the new fiscal year, many required items were on the agenda, and the swearing in of new and returning board members was one of those.

With the board fully seated again, Superintendent Dr. Dana Bryant opened elections among the board for the offices President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary on the seven-member board.

Immediately, Morris motioned to keep all board offices exactly the same in one vote, keeping Rev. Avery Burrell as president, Jenkins as vice president, Franklin Brewer as Secretary and himself as Treasurer.

The proposal gained support and the vote passed 5-2, with Burrell, Jenkins, Brewer, Morris and sitting trustee Nate Johnson voting for it.

Trustees Kassandra Kitchen and Trinnell Scott voted against the group vote.
A question was raised about the ability for the board to do this kind of vote, but Superintendent Dr. Dana Bryant noted that it had been done before and concluded it at the meeting that the boards by-laws did not appear to ban it.

The board’s current 2011-2012 membership and officers are:

Avery Burrell – President

Ronald Jenkins – Vice President

Ivory Morris – Treasurer

Franklin Brewer – Secretary

Trinnell Scott – Trustees

Kassandra Kitchen – Trustee
Nate  Johnson – Trustee

Dr. Bryant is also present at all board meetings but is not a member of the board and does not vote.

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