Halfway to Projected Numbers, Mosaica Says Enrollment On Track

Andrew Trzaska | August 14, 2012

With about 3 weeks left to enroll before the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System starts classes for the year, Mosaica Education’s enrollment for the charter district reached the halfway point of projections over the weekend.

At Monday’s academy board meeting, board members heard a report from Mosaica representatives, including executive vice president Donn Tignanelli and Region Vice President Alena Zachery-Ross.

Zachery spoke positively about Saturday’s enrollment fair, which enrolled 80 students in one day and increased total enrollment to over half of the 1,200 anticipated by Mosaica.

“We are on time with our timeline of projected enrollment,” said Zachery.

Zachery cited new billboards put up in the past two weeks, commercials and other marketing messages as well as on-air interviews as evidence of Mosaica’s attempts to keep enrollment growing.

“It will not stop. Keep telling your neighbors it is not too late to register. We can answer specific questions, but they have to be asked. We can dispel rumors.”

Academy board president Arthur Scott spoke to the audience at Monday’s meeting, which included members of the Muskegon Heights Alumni Association and Booster Club, some of which have helped with getting the word out about having to enroll in the system after the switch to the charter system.

“We want to thank you for being ambassadors,” said Scott.  “I think the pride is coming back and we’ll succeed in getting there.”

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