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I.A.M.H.E.R. Drive to benefit teenage girls in Ghana, West Africa

Influencing Achievement and Maximizing Hope, Excellence, and Resilience

Contact: Paul Allen Billings

Tel: (231) 727-5007

WUVS-lp 103.7 the Beat & WUGM 106.1 is hosting the 1st ever I.A.M.H.E.R. (Influencing Achievement and Maximizing Hope, Excellence, and Resilience) feminine hygiene drive for the young ladies of the Abeadeze Kyeakor village in Ghana, Africa.  These young ladies currently live without the feminine products, we often take advantage of, such as; sanitary napkins (pads), liners, feminine soap, and other items.  The lack of these items create a barrier of obstacles.  Many of the young ladies miss school during their monthly, which interferes with them receiving a proper education and participating within their daily life and activities. 

The average expected income of a family of 4, within the Abeadeze Kyeakor Village, is equal to the amount of $600 per year. This drastically affects the ability of each young lady’s family’s ability to purchase the necessary feminine products.  Each young lady within the village is limited to the use of one sanitary napkin in which they have to make themselves, wash, and also reuse.  Additionally, these families have the worries of other expenses such as school tuition, food, water, and shelter. 

From July 16th to August 6th , 103.7 WUVS The Beat and WUGM 106.1 will be accepting donations of new feminine sanitary napkins, liners, and feminine soap for the young ladies within the village. All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible! This campaign is part of the Bernice Mayes Academic Improvement Project.

If you have any questions, please contact the radio station at 231-727-5007.  Lets help these young ladies on their path with the essentials they need.

Ways to Donate:

  1. Drop off: Donations can be dropped off at 1877 Peck St. Muskegon, MI 49441. There is a donation shed located in the parking lot.
  2. Mail: Donation items can be mailed to 1877 Peck St. Muskegon, MI 49441.
  3. Cash Donations: Cash donations are accepted via paypal. Please visit to help with purchasing shipping needs and feminine products as needed.  All donations are tax deductible. 

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