Heights Academy Board Passes Several Policies Including One On Cameras In Classrooms

Andrew Trzaska | February 25, 2013

The Muskegon Heights Public School Academy’s board of education voted through a several new policies at its meeting Monday evening.

Most notably, Alena Zachery-Ross, Mosaica Education’s regional Vice President for the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy system, put forth a policy regarding the coming use of cameras in classrooms for instruction and evaluation purposes.

The cameras will exist in every classroom and will be installed later this year.

According to Ross, the policy strikes “an acceptable balance between student privacy and an acceptable level of security in our buildings.” According to the policy, only authorized people cannot use the cameras and their monitors for extended periods of time. The head of school is the only person who can authorize monitor viewings and must be present during viewings.

A student wellness policy covering nutritional habits and education was also passed at Monday’s meeting.  The policy mostly affirms a commitment to follow federal nutrition guidelines and the ability to modify vending contracts that do not meet the district’s standards of wellness. It also discourages instructors from using food as a reward for performance.

Zachery-Ross also recommended changes to a student withdrawal policy. Highlights of the policy include an exit interview for students who plan to leave, and an automatic “withdrawn” status for students who have been absent for more than 14 days.

Lastly, board bylaws regarding public participation at board meetings were edited as well. Those wishing to be listed specifically on the agenda must register with the board at least seven days in advance, and those commenting during the public portion of meetings are limited to 5 minutes and only once per topic.

All policies passed with 3-0 votes by the board.

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