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Former BET PD Paul Porter speaks on the “Tyrese” situation

In case you haven’t heard “Tyrese” got banned a Delaware Urban Radio station, Kiss 101.7 FM, simply because he spoke out against A liquor store being across from an Elementary school.

Listen to what Paul Porter had to say about this. Paul Porter is a former Program Director of BET and founder of and


Paul Porter
Paul Porter

Paul Porter on Tyrese getting booted off air

Paul Porter President of said “Tony Q should know better, If I was the GM, I would have walked in and talked about it myself.!”


Tony Q/Owner and PD of Kiss101.7

Tony Q gave this response”Again, he was never taken off the air. We never turned off the mic and told him to get out. But I had a problem degrading my audience. Do I agree with liquor shops being near schools? Of course not. If parents want to do something about it then I’ll stand behind them. But I’m not going to have an artist come on the air and slang and degrade and stereotype my audience. It ain’t going to happen. But I understand why he wanted to rev-up the audience—to promote his personal appearance so he got a free infomercial out of that. The college never promoted that, not on this station. What he did was make an interview into a 15-minute informercial about his book and about his personal appearance. I have a problem with that. He was supposed to talk about his music. Not the homies and book signing.”



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