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City of Muskegon Publishes Annual Liquor License Non-Compliance List

Andrew Trzaska | March 13, 2012

Because of outstanding obligations to the City of Muskegon, several establishments in the city that sell alcohol have been put on notice that their liquor licenses may not be recommended for renewal.

The city’s code of ordinance essentially requires institutions with liquor licenses to be caught up with their inspections, taxes and other legal obligations yearly to keep their authorization.  Most establishments usually solve their outstanding issues by the deadline, and issues can range from small to large; the list is made to draw attention to what’s needed.

Article V, section 50-146 and 50-147 provides that the person renewing a license must be “current in payment to the city of personal property taxes, assessments, utilities and any other lawful charges due the city.”

Those listed in documents obtained from the city Tuesday either owe the city clerk, city treasurer or inspections department any of a wide range of things from payments to documentation:

Bayside Centre, 3006 Lakeshore
Captain Jack’s Bar & Grill, 1601 Beach
Club Envy, 441 W. Western
Dockers Fish House & Lounge, 3505 Marina View Pt.
Dreamer’s, 978 Pine
Express Lane, 1992 S. Getty
Frontier Liquor Shoppe, 631 W. Southern
Holiday Inn, 939 Third
Lakeshore Tavern, 1963 Lakeshore
Lakeside Club, Inc., 1777 Lakeshore
Lighthouse Liquor, 860 W. Sherman
Los Amigo, Inc., 1848 E. Sherman
Muskegon Family Foods, 1157 Third
Shiva Mart, 2021 Marquette
Shoreline Inn, 750 Terrace Point
The Flamingo II, 1163 E. Laketon
The Old Clover Bar, 817 Forest
Tipsy Toad, 609 W. Western
Westside Inn, 1635 Beidler

The resolution passed by the city commission Tuesday requires these establishments to be in full compliance by March 22.

Before passing the resolution a public hearing was opened for the public to challenge the list.  Proprietors of Dreamer’s and Captain Jack’s Bar and Grill (also known as CJ’s On The Beach) promised full compliance by next Thursday’s deadline.

City Manager Bryon Mazade also spoke for the Shoreline Inn during the hearing.

“It is something that is a bit of a misunderstanding,” said Mazade before saying their issue regarding owed money would be resolved by the deadline.

The city does not grant licenses directly, but can offer recommendations to the State Liquor Control Commission.  Businesses who fulfill all outstanding obligations by the 22nd would be removed from the list sent to Lansing.

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