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Upclose with “Speech” from Arrested Development

This podcast features our exclusive radio interview with the leader of the Grammy Award winning group “Arrested Development”. Speech talks about the group new single “Living”, culture, hip hop, politics and other hot social issues.

The New Album is titled “Standing at the Crossroads”

Radio Interview with Speech from Arrested Development part one

Radio Interview with Speech from Arrested Development part two

He gives us the scoop on what the group has been up to. One thing for sure, they have been keeping busy.

You can hear some of his music at speechmusic.com and Arrested Development music at arresteddevelopmentmusic.com

Interesting Facts: Minister Louis Farrakhan honored Speech and Arrested Development on the Tom Joyner Cruise.

Speech Mom owns the largest Black Owned Newspaper in Wisconsin, The Milwaukee Community Journal.

two-time Grammy award winning hip-hop group Arrested Development, true trailblazers in hip-hop.

Since 1991 they’ve championed fresh sounds, spreading unique hip-hop around the world.

As recipients of an NAACP image award (1993) they represent culture with beats & pride.

They brought much needed attention to the plight of the homeless through their hit song “Mr. Wendal” and celebrate cultural diversity in the dance smash, “People Everyday”. When asked recently about the state of hip-hop during the last 15 years, AD front man Speech, commented “there is little to no balance; the flood of rappers turned corporate moguls is a reflection of how the genre is losing it’s creative spirit, but we want to play our part in bringing a balance back! It’s time for more substance.”


In 2012, the group returns with a powerful Mixtape called, “Standing At The Crossroads”. Their lead-off single, “LIVING“ won the coveted L.A.MOVIE AWARD – 2012! The music video is directed by: The Feel, The Ingredient & Speech. The single and upcoming album is a motivational anthem for hip-hop heads, spiritual people & social activists around the world! The groups goal with this new music is to help inspire Hip-Hop to become more balanced in it’s musicality and subject matter, while having fun! The group appears on TV One’s hit show, UNSUNG August 6th.

“Standing at the Crossroads” drops August 6th 2012.

In 2009, Arrested Development released a batch of songs entitled “STRONG”. Outstanding tracks such as “Greener“, & “Bloody” sends the message loud and clear that AD are still thirsty!

“STRONG” Facts:

Arrested Development releases a new single, “Living”

• ”The World Is Changing” (Single) – Top Ten on Tokyo Hot 100 charts (Japan)

• ”The World is Changing” (Single) performed live on J Wave Fm (Japan)

• “The World Is Changing” (Single) added at MTV (Japan)

• ”Greener” added in rotation on Inter FM (Japan) • ”Greener” added at MTV, M-ON, SSTV (Japan) • ”Greener” on MTV International top 20 (Japan) • “Greener” video featured on TVK SonicMania (Japan) • ”Bloody” live on Fox 5 TV Good Day Atlanta

• “Bloody” video just added at MTV (France) • “Bloody” added on ANDYOUDONTSTOP! Chuck D’s

radio show WBAI 99.5 FM (USA) • Arrested Development performed at the legendary

ESSENCE Festival July 2nd (New Orleans, USA) • Arrested Development performed at Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage May 17th (Caribbean) • Arrested Development sold out performance in

Sannois, France • Arrested Development performed at the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama (Japan) Arrested Development performed at the 2nd largest festival in Japan Summersonic.

Arrested Development Performed “Greener” live on CNN with Kera Phillips

Arrested Development Performed “Greener” live on the Mo’Nique Show

Arrested Development gives 500 tix to Atlanta’s low-income families to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live

Arrested Development gives voice to prisoner Debbie Peagler  for Oprah’s OWN networks film, “Crime after Crime”.


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