Travel Vegetarian TV Show Recording in West Michigan

Travel Vegetarian TV Show Recording in West Michigan

 Grand Rapids, Michigan:  June 5, 2014—The nation’s premiere travel vegetarian cooking show will touch down in West Michigan Monday, June 30.

“FlaVaFull™” is the only vegetarian TV show with a live DJ. The show will feature preparation of unique vegetarian dishes, dancing, interviews with athletes and entertainers and pop-culture trivia. The show has been in production since August 2013 and has gained local interest however aspires the attention of major networks to film internationally.

Get Involved: Local DJs, camera operators, and musical performers can participate in the filming by submitting their video reel and resume by June 23 to:, Subject: Flavafull MI.

Visuals:   Dancing, preparation of unique vegetarian cuisine, DJ, performances

Purpose:  The show needs great footage and we came home to grab it!

Episode 103 theme: Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Cuisine

“FlaVaFull™” is recorded for syndication and accepting network and sponsorship inquiries.

Customers can be a part of the filming action for a silent recording meal during TBA scheduled times.

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Sid Simone is a native of Muskegon and a 17 year vegetarian.  She served as an on-air talent at Citadel Broadcasting’s V100 and WUVS 103.7 the Beat in Muskegon.  She founded Sid Simone Solutions, an event staffing and marketing consulting firm in 2012.



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Honoring: African-American Music Appreciation Month

Sid Simone DBA is a consulting firm. We are not affiliated with 3rd parties nor liable for breach of contract. $35 returned check fee. 20% fee for 72 hour or less turn-around; 20% fee for late payments. $150 search fee. Checks payable: Sid Simone. No refunds. 

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