The Muskegon Tribune Newspaper Breaks the news of the Alleged Real Estate Scam at Muskegon Heights DDA

Update: I don’t have to use the term alleged, its a fact that Muskegon Heights DDA Board President James Anthony sold 3 DDA properties to a business partner of his for $1000 each.
All 3 properties together are worth over $150,000. There were people in the community who tried to buy those properties for the actual cash value, but were denied the opportunity.
DDA board members are calling for his resignation.

Franklin Fudial, owner of the Muskegon Tribune newspaper shared a little incite on the controversy real estate dealings by Muskegon Heights DDA Board President James Anthony.
In what appears to be shady real estate transactions, James Anthony allegedly sold 3 properties owed by the City Downtown Development Association to a close friend at a far below Fair value.
One property was valued at $80,000, but was sold for $1,000, a board member said.

The Muskegon Tribune


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