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Terry Sabo Announces His Candidacy For The 92nd District

By: Emily Guiles

On the steps of the Muskegon County Justice building on Dec 12th 2015, Terry Sabo, Muskegon’s Chairman of Commissioners announced his candidacy for the 92nd district on the State level.

Sabo hopes to work tirelessly in order to bring more importance back to Muskegon regarding the State. In his announcement speech Sabo stated that he felt that, “this position has sought me, I have not sought it,”.

After working in the Muskegon and Muskegon Heights city governments for over 24 years Sabo feels that his skills are enough to get Muskegon back on track. His experience in leadership and building relationships with everyone regardless of party is one of his strengths, says Sabo, that he believes will be a large factor as he campaigns.

Some of the largest problems that Sabo wishes to bring to the state are economic development and the issue of poverty, Sabo is for raising minimum wage even more. Sabo is also a supporter of the Green movement and wants to campaign to get rid of the plastic bags and water bottles that riddle the streets in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights.

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