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Taking Back Muskegon Announces First Ever Juneteenth Parade in Downtown Muskegon 


Taking Back Muskegon Announces First Ever Juneteenth Parade in Downtown Muskegon 

Muskegon, MI – Taking Back Muskegon (TBM) is thrilled to announce the hosting of the first-ever Juneteenth Parade in Downtown Muskegon, set to take place on June 19th on Western Avenue, beginning at 11 am. This historic event aims to bring the community together in celebration and reflection, commemorating Juneteenth, a day that marks the end of slavery in the United States. 

The parade promises an engaging experience for all attendees, with local schools participating actively by building meaningful floats. “This event is more than just a parade; it’s a showcase of the unity and creative spirit of our community,” said Michelle Tyson, CEO of Taking Back Muskegon. “We are inviting everyone from the Muskegon area to join us in this celebration of freedom and community strength.” 

Sponsors for the event include Terry Puffer 5 Star Real Estate, Maritime University, Adelaide Point, with special thanks to Ryan Bennett for his generous support in providing materials and trucks for the school floats. “Our sponsors and supporters have been incredible,” added Jessie Wilde, Marketing and Board Member at TBM. “Thanks to them, we’re able to make this parade a reality and provide a platform for our schools and youth to shine.” 

Taking Back Muskegon has been at the forefront of community development and support, with recent accomplishments including hosting the summer program for East Park Manor, running After School Programs for five Muskegon schools, and efforts towards creating a 24-hour crisis center for youth in high-risk areas like Muskegon Heights. The organization collaborates closely with both national organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and local groups such as the Wheelfish Group and Muskeogn to bring resources and opportunities to the community. 

“The Juneteenth Parade is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together. It’s a day to celebrate freedom, recognize our achievements, and look forward to the future,” said Tyson. Wilde echoes this sentiment, “We are incredibly excited for this event and deeply grateful for the continued support from our community. Together, we are making a difference.” 

For more information, updates, and to follow their progress, please visit Taking Back Muskegon’s Facebook page at

About Taking Back Muskegon 

Taking Back Muskegon is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the Muskegon community through educational programs, community development initiatives, and support services aimed at creating a safer, more vibrant community for all. 


Jessie Wilde, Marketing/PR Board Member 

Taking Back Muskegon | (231)557-2378 

Join us as we make history and celebrate community resilience at the first Juneteenth Parade in Downtown Muskegon. Together, we take back the narrative and forge a brighter future.

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