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Sappi Smokestack, Bleaching Plant Demolition Approved By City Commission, Planned For Morning Of Sunday, January 29

The demolition is scheduled for Sunday, January 29 between 9 and 10 a.m., a time selected because traffic on nearby roads, including the major Lakeshore Drive thoroughfare will be minimal. A “soft” road closure would take place at 30 minutes before the scheduled demolition. A “hard” road closure will happen 15 minutes before.

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Muskegon “Love Note” Initiatives Get Support From City, Fees Waived – Snowboard Inventor Statue Event Coming Up Saturday

This summer, the Foundation (CFFMC) gave out $3,000 total for what it called “Love Notes” – relatively small things or actions to add value to the Muskegon community. Kenneth Johnson used his $500 as start-up cash to organize “Play it Forward”, a large, multi-performance music coming up Saturday, 11/12. It will raise money for a sculpture honoring the invention of the snowboard in Muskegon.

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