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Swearing In Kim Sims as the New Mayor

On November 9th Muskegon Heights City Council Meeting, the new Mayor, Kimberly Sims, was sworn in along with the three elected councilmembers. There was a huge turn out from the Muskegon Heights Area, prior Mayor Darrell Paige was also present.

Mayor Sims was emotional upon being sworn in and thanked everyone who attended. Sims also stated that she believes it is, “time for something different,” in Muskegon Heights, and the community needs to work together to bring about sustainable change to Muskegon Heights.

Sims’ running mate, councilman Eddie Jenkins offered Sims congratulations and hopes her leadership will help the city move forward. Jenkins also took some times to give a moment of silence for Dante Jones, who was a barber and lifetime resident of Muskegon Heights.

Sims expressed her plans to unite the city by first uniting the Muskegon Heights council and Mayor’s office. Sims hopes to meet with each of the council members and staff individually in order to make sure that they all have the same priorities. The next step Sims wants to take is to convene with the media and work better together.

Previous councilwoman Patrice Johnson came to the podium to give congrats to Sims, and stated that, “you deserve this more than anybody, I was a councilwoman because of you.” Johnson also said it was a pleasure to serve with everyone on the council in the four years she had been there.

Darrell Paige also said a few words to the council, Paige said that he is proud of everyone for pushing the city forward, and offered some advice about pleasing the masses.

Councilman Vernonell Smith was elected back to the council and will be serving for another four years.

Marshall Cook was newly elected to the council and said the most important thing for citizens to know is that he is, “here to serve you (the community).”

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