Subject posing as a Public Works Employee

Muskegon Police Department would like to make residents aware that there is a subject posing as a Public Works employee who gained entry to an elderly female’s home in the 1900 block of Harrison Ave in the City of Muskegon around 9:30am this morning. The subject claimed to be checking on water service issues in the area.
The victim was not assaulted or injured by the subject and nothing appears to be missing from her home at this time.
The suspect was described as an adult white male with black hair, last seen wearing a black jacket, dark colored pants, and dark colored boots none of which had visible markings on them.
Two other reported incidents similar to this have occurred in the City of Norton Shores and the City of Holland within the last week.

We want to remind persons that you should never allow an individual to enter your home or business without proper identification for any reason.
If someone comes to your door claiming to be there for service of any kind, and you have not called for service, ask to see their identification. They should have not only identification but should have arrived in a marked company vehicle.
If you are uncomfortable or unsure, do not let them in but call the company they claim to be from and verify this. If you should feel threatened by them at all, call the police immediately.
Try to write down a description of the person and the vehicle they arrived in, including a license plate if you can get it safely.
If you have questions you can call the Muskegon Police Department at 231-724-6750 during business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Captain Andrew D. Olson

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