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Sprinkler System Trouble

By: Emily Guiles

Construction on Webster Avenue has been completed, however there have been multiple complaints regarding the mistreatment or residents personal property during the construction. According to resident accounts the sprinkler systems in their terraces have been unearthed and strewn about their front lawns. And the city has neglected to fix the sprinkler systems.

One resident who has complained repeatedly is Larry Carpenter. Carpenter was present at the last Muskegon City Council meeting and explained the issue to the council. Carpenter’s sprinkler system’s tubing was damaged and will need to be replaced before reinstalling it. He will have to replace the tubing and reinstall it himself, which is something he is capable of but he is concerned that many of the other residents who also have this problem may not be able to deal with it themselves. One such person is Carpenter’s neighbor, who is elderly and will not be able to repair the sprinklers by themselves. According to Carpenter, to replace his tubing would be 5-10 dollars apiece to replace the piping.

One of the main problems Carpenter had with the abuse to his property was that there was no notice given by the city or any other party that the sprinklers were going to be unearthed. The sprinklers were simply removed, placed on the lawn, and the hole was filled back up.

The Muskegon City Council’s only defense of these events was that the sprinklers on the terraces were located on city land and therefore the road crew was within their rights to excavate the sprinkler systems.

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