Severe weather related traffic accidents in Muskegon Saturday 2-14-15


On February 14th, 2014, Officers of the Muskegon Police Department responded to over a dozen motor vehicle crashes throughout the City.  A preliminary total indicates that over 50 cars were involved in these accidents, including a Michigan State Trooper cruiser which was struck, and an Oceana County Ambulance transporting a patient.  The majority being involved in two larger scale crashes on US31 at 0831 hrs and 1230 hrs.

Weather conditions in the Muskegon area on 2-14-15 were extremely poor.  Falling snow, high winds, coupled with temperatures at or near 0 F, created whiteout conditions and treacherously icy road surfaces.

Two sets of crashes of special note occurred on US31 SB between Laketon Ave and Sherman Ave at 0831 hrs and then again later at 1230 hrs.  Ten vehicles were involved in the series of crashes at 0831 hrs, while upwards of 36 vehicles were involved with the 1230 hrs crash.  US31 SB was closed twice during the day for a period of time to allow responders from multiple area agencies to clear the Highway.

Injuries incurred at all of the crashes on Saturday were reported to be minor.

Accident Investigators of the Muskegon Police Department are asking for anyone who was involved in any crash that occurred in Muskegon on Saturday, February 14th and did not speak with an Officer to please stop in or contact the Muskegon Police Department at 231-724-6750 from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


Authorized release:

Director of Public Safety Administrative Offices.

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