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Results of Key 2011 Elections in Muskegon County

Andrew Trzaska | November 9, 2011

Vote numbers certified by the Muskegon County Clerk’s office, with all precincts reporting.

(i) indicates incumbent
(d) indicates deceased


Mayor, City of Muskegon Heights

Eddie B. Jenkins  117
Bonnie M. McGlothin   178
(i) Darrell L. Paige   413
Dorothy Jeanette Scott   382


City Council, City of Muskegon Heights (3 seats)

Daniel Franklin   405
Patrice S. Johnson   754
(i) Kimberley Sims   767
Vernonell E. Smith   540

City Commission, City of Muskegon (Ward 2)

Willie German, Jr.   260
(i) Clara Shepherd   213


City Commission, City of Muskegon (Ward 3)

Ray Charles Roberson   93
(i) Lawrence O. Spataro   214


School Board, Muskegon Public Schools (Two 6-year terms)

Tasha Bibbs-Oakes   986
(i) Lynnette Marks   919
Frank Munster   382
(i) Earl W. O’Brien   877
DeMario L. Phillips   308


School Board, Muskegon Public Schools (Two 4-year terms)

Sandra Boone   612
Debra Brazil Griffin   687
(i) Cindy Larson   1197
(i) Charles W. Poole   994


School Board, Muskegon Public Schools (Limited 2-year term)

(i) Marian Michalski   1678


School Board Member, Mona Shores Public Schools

Jay Keessen   875
(i) Kay M. Olthoff   1527


City Council, City of North Muskegon (2 seats)

James Beckman   176
William Boyd   296
Mary F. Cronenwett   122
Patricia McKibben   308
John McNally    202
(i) Susan M. Snider    265
(i) Chuck Woods   350


City Council, City of Roosevelt Park (3 seats)

(i) Rod Buikema   303
Amber Cahill   296
Melissa Klos   242
Allan C. Lowe   262
Bill Ogle   195


Mayor, City of Montague:

Kevin Erb   115
(i) (d) Henry Roesler*   0

(*MCL 168.803 (1)(i) provides: “Any votes cast for a deceased candidate are void and shall not be counted[.]” )


City Council, City of Montague:

Jeff Auch   235
(i) Leslie Ruth Chase   46
Lisa Kiel   198
Cheryl Lohman   98
(i) Thomas Lohman   141
(i) June Schmelzer   106


School Board Member, Whitehall District Schools

J. David Cardon   350
(i) Steve Markel   504


School Board Members (2 seats), Grant Public Schools

George J. Brown   37
Shawn Moore   36
(i) Jill Niewiadomski   44


White Lake Ambulance Authority Millage:

YES   1026
NO   355


Egelston Township Reduced Fire Bond Millage Proposal

YES   553
NO   462

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