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Profile: The New Documentary “Hidden Colors 2” by Tariq Nasheed

Hidden Colors is a documentary about the real and untold history of people of color around the globe. Traveling around the country, the film features scholars, historians, and social commentators who uncovered such amazing facts about, the original image of Christ, the true story about the Moors, the original people of Asia, the great west African empires, the presence of Africans in America before Columbus, the real reason slavery was ended & much more.

Hidden Colors 2 (The triumph of melanin) is the follow up Documentary.  This documentary features Dr. Booker T. Coleman,  Dr. Umar Johnson,  Antony Browder, Runoko Rashida, Dr. James Small, Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Phil Valentine, Michelle Alexander, KRS-ONE, Dr. Phil Valentine & Dr. Claude Anderson.

Filming Hidden Colors 2

Listen to our interview with New York Time Best Seller Tariq Nasheed Tariq

Nasheed Movie Producer (Hidden Colors 2)

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