Muskegon Heights honor student Trevon Kitchen a Master!

Today Big Rob and myself did a visit to Muskegon Heights High School to visit my good friend Keith Guy.

Keith introduced me to an amazing kid by the name of Trevon Kitchen.

Trevon Kitchen is a sophmore Honor student at Muskegon Heights High School. He has goals of being an Engineer, he mastered the ACT in the 8th grade.
Today Trevon, blew me away with his Rubix’s cube skills. I have seen it done on TV, but never in person!
In less then 90 seconds Trevon had this Rubix Cube solved.

I am still marveled by this. Trevon is also a member of the Muskegon Heights Boxing Club. Much success to Trevon, hopefully one day he can teach this old guy how to do that. Trevon is the son of Roger & Alecia Kitchen.

Trevon Kitchen
Honor Student Trevon Kitchen

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