Local Government

Muskegon Heights City Council

By: Emily Guiles

The Muskegon Heights City Council has been very active in the month of February, Apple Avenue was closed at Madison st east of Getty on and Southbound Getty north of Laketon for much needed watermain repairs.

On Monday February 22nd the emergency manager of Muskegon Heights schools took on oversight of Highland Park schools as part of a reshuffling. Governor Rick snyder placed Highland Park schools under control of an emergency manager in March of 2012 after the school ended its 2011 fiscal year with an 11.2 million dollar deficit. Muskegon Heights also ended with a 9.4 million dollar deficit the same year.

Also Muskegon Heights is hoping to buy the former Martin Luther King Jr Elementary school building, not to be confused with the current Martin Luther King Jr school at 55 Sherman Boulevard. The property takes up two city blocks, 3.67 and hasn’t been used since 2014.

In order to pay for the school building city officals have to raise 49,900 dollars which will pay for the building and 1 year of maintenance. Mayor Sims said that it is important that the city has a say in what this building will become, which is why they are trying so hard to purchase it.

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