Muskegon Heights Charter System the First in County to Run Classes Year-Round

Andrew Trzaska | May 21, 2013

With a late end to the current school year and an early start to the next year, the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System will move into a year-round class schedule.

The move was promised at the first meeting after the charter system’s board signed a contract with Mosaica Education to provide education services for the district last summer.

At that meeting, explanations stated that the 2012-2013 school year would run into late June, which has come to fruition. Combine that with a 2013-2014 year start on August 12, and you have the makings of a year-round structure, with 190 days of instruction for students.

District educational services operator Mosaica Education has repeatedly stated that a year-round school year will help students retain knowledge that otherwise is lost in a 3-month summer break.

The new school year calendar will generally spread its off days over long weekends, including a four-day mid-winter break and several professional development days for teachers.   Christmas break will be two weeks, with spring break, fall break, and fall break each being one break.

Monday’s meeting also included the reveal of a new uniform policy, with a follow-up meeting promised for all parents. Read more on the new Muskegon Heights uniform policy here.

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