Muskegon Heights Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Effective immediately, the City of Muskegon Heights has lifted the boil water advisory issued April 24, 2024. The City hasflushed the system and has completed all required testing and sampling in accordance with Federal and State rules and regulations. Residents and businesses no longer need to boil water to make it safe to consume; however, there are a number of recommended actions you may want to take before resuming normal water use.

Steps after a boil water advisory:

Flush Plumbing, Pipes, and Faucets (interior and exterior)

• Unscrew and remove faucet screens/aerators and clean out anyparticles.

• Run cold water through your faucets and appliances withdirect water connections for at least 5 minutes.

• To clear hot water pipes and the water heater of untreatedwater, run hot water only at all faucets and flush until the water runs cool.

• Put the screens/aerators back on the faucets.

Check Appliances/Devices

• Remove and replace all water filters, including watercoolers, inline filters, and other appliances with direct water connections. The filter could be contaminated if you ran water through any filter during the boil water advisory.

• Always read and follow the owner’s manual fordirections to flush and replace filters for all appliances that use water.

• Water dispensers from refrigerators should be flushed by atleast one gallon of water, refer to the owner’s manual.

• Dump existing ice and flush the water feed lines, makingand discarding three batches of ice cubes.

• After flushing hot water pipes and water heater, run anempty dishwasher one time on the hottest or sanitize cycle.

• Run water softener through a full regeneration cycle.

• Remove and replace filters in portable and furnace humidifiers.

Restaurants and food service facilities should refer to guidancefrom the Muskegon County Health Department concerning requirements for their operations.

Interim City Manager Melvin C. Burns II acknowledged the staff’s diligent efforts over the past few days.  “We hope to never go through some of the events of the past few days, however, I have tremendous amount of respect for what our staff has accomplished.”

“In the coming days and weeks, we will have an opportunity to examine all events of the past few days, critically analyze our actions and determine where we can make improvements. “

Mayor Bonnie M. McGlothin, expressed her gratitude to the total community effort that has been exhibited in the past few days.  “The greatest resource in our community is our people and how we care for one another.  We have witnessed in the past few days makes me even prouder to be the Mayor of thisgreat city.   I know the past few days have bene challenging, I thank our residents for their patience.”

“Our community is not just comprised of Muskegon Heights residents, it is businesses, neighborhood associations, churches, schools, and everyone else who has chosen in the past few days to come together to support, encourage and serve one another. Meijer, Spartan Nash, Webb, Chemical, Intra City Dispatch, WUVS 103.7, DTE, Consumer’s Energy, Bethlehem Park Neighborhood Association, the Muskegon County Emergency Operations Center, Muskegon County, the City of Muskegon and Norton Shores and so many other have provided water, volunteers, technical support and reached out to us in the past few days when their support was needed.  As a community, we are all better together.”

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