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Muskegon County Democratic Black Caucus election endorsements

Muskegon County Democratic Black Caucus Endorsements/Proposal Views

Muskegon County,

The general membership meeting of the MCDBC was held Oct 13, 2009. After careful consideration and discussion it was voted, motioned and supported that the MCDBC support & endorse the following candidates:

MCDBC endorse the following candidates for Muskegon Public School Board:
3 Full Term Candidates:
Louis Churchwell
Tasha Bibbs-Oakes
Willie German Jr.

1 Partial term Candidate: Willie Wilson Jr.

Each candidate displayed knowledge, dedication, and sincerity in serving the best interest of the children and community of the Muskegon Public Schools. MCDBC feel these were the strongest candidates that will make a positive difference for Muskegon County.

MCDBC endorse the following for candidates for City of Muskegon:
2 City Commission at Large: Steve Garwon
Kevin Yeck
City of Muskegon Mayor: Steve Warmington

MCDBC endorse the following candidates for Muskegon Heights City Council:
3 City Council: Bonnie McGlothin
Willie Watson
Keith Guy

The MCDBC endorses all of the above candidates because we feel that they will serve in the best interest of the people of this community and will be responsive to African Americans of Muskegon County.
Ballot Proposals

We have taken time and consideration to evaluate the following City Proposals being presented on the ballot for November 3rd 2009 and recommend the following vote for each proposal:

Charter Amendment One —–Vote NO!
Charter Amendment Two —-Vote NO!
Charter Amendment Three —-Vote NO!
Charter Amendment Four —-Vote NO!
Charter Amendment Five —-Vote YES!
Charter Amendment Six —-Vote YES!

Muskegon County Democratic Black Caucus
Political Action Committee

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